Sasha Goes the Extra Mile for Marines


Sasha is the complete package. Effective, efficient, bilingual, tenacious when necessary, relaxed when not. I have never met, nor could I imagine meeting, a person I would trust more with the life-changing event of house buying/selling. I bought with her in 2009 and closed my sale with her yesterday (Apr 2015). We both profited on the deal, but it’s about more than that – I will continue to rely on her for real property advice (and advice about women) for the rest of my life. Sasha goes the extra mile for first timers and military members (‘Merica!). Every Marine buddy who’s interested in a house, I immediately put in touch with her. She just gets us and our unique requirements. Plus she’s just badass at life, fun to be around and a pleasure to do business with.

Rob Y.