Creating Summer Buyer Attraction


Creating Summer Buyer AttractionSummer is a great time to invest in outdoor upgrades and indoor options that make your home appealing to buyers. Home buyers in San Diego always respond quickly to outdoor amenities when scoping out homes to purchase. Creating outdoor living areas and highlighting outdoor views give potential new owners the impression of both expanded space and bright, fresh access to nature.

Establish an inviting entry

Make sure your entry is well-lit and enticing. Set flowerpots to either side of the entryway. Buyers are going to be looking around, in this area, when the agent is fiddling with the key. Make sure the door itself is clean of fingerprints and grime, or freshly painted a happy (i.e. not black) color. Provide a doormat so guests do not track debris into your home.

Bring the outdoors in

Get those windows cleaned inside and out (contact me for a tried and tested vendor that makes glass sparkle). Clean off smudges from windows/window frames, dust vertical or horizontal blinds and set them to allow both light and views.

Add colorful throw cushions to living areas and beds, and add fresh (i.e.alive!) flowers to both your bed and bath areas. A bowl of bright seasonal fruits will complete a summery look to your kitchen table.

Clean ashes from your fireplace and clean the soot from fireplace glass . Set a floral arrangement or plant on the hearth. Or use (battery-operated) candles to give the element of relaxation. If you like to use fragrances, be sure to use the same scent throughout the house to avoid competing odors.

Keep your home cool but not cold. If you have air-conditioning, make sure to set the temperature to a brisk setting before your potential buyers arrive. If you use fans to move your home’s air, make sure they are dust free and running quietly.

Extend the living area

Showing your home in the summer means potential buyers will check out the outdoors much more thoroughly than in the winter months. Set up seating areas, hammocks, picnic tables, or other patio furnishings to display the full range of your property and basically showcasing what a potential BBQ would look like there. Add planters and box gardens with bright, vibrant flowers. Keep the lawn and landscaping trimmed and neat. Take care of pests like wasps and ants that might scare a potential buyer away. Take care to trim bushes away from windows and doorways (and then put away those tools before you allow for any showings).

Again, you must make sure the exterior of the house is clean and fresh. Clean mold off vinyl siding and moss off brick and stone exteriors. Clear gutters and downspouts and make sure they attach to the structure correctly. It’s the little nuances that push Buyers to bid on your home versus rolling their eyes…

Summertime is one of the best times to show-off your house. Summer buyers want to know they can use the entire property for their own summer fun. If you need more suggestions on how to prepare your property for a summer sale, feel free to contact us today.

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