10 Quick Tips for a Quick Sale


Selling Your Home

If you want a quick sale, you still have to do some work, even in hot markets like now.

When you’re in a hurry to sell and you need top dollar, try some of these tips:

  • Have us evaluate your home. As full-time real estate professionals with a current pulse for the local market, we know what Buyers are looking for and we can help you spend your money wisely to get the best return, without doing a major remodel.
  • Repair anything that is not currently working. Simple fixes like leaky faucets, running toilets and burnt-out light bulbs will guarantee that a Buyer will think less of your home than what you currently value it at.
  • Paint walls a neutral but modern color. Gone are the days of all-white walls (or ‘custom’ canary yellows) but sticking to taupe and gray tones will make it look ‘healthy’, while remaining timeless. Also, take away about 66% of your personal photos, frames, and knick-knacks from the entire property.
  • Get all of your windows (and tracks) washed, inside and out. You won’t believe the world of difference this makes in the initial 10-15 seconds that the potential Buyer takes to issue a first impression (and we have a great vendor for this). Equally as important is dusting — exhaust fans, tops of ceiling fan blades and air vents are commonly forgotten.
  • Clean-up your front yard. Keep it simple. Add regionally appropriate, low maintenance ground cover or drought resistant shrubbery in the bald spots. Fresh curb appeal is the striking difference between Buyers parking/getting out of their cars willingly vs. calling off the mission and driving over to the next one (your competition).
  • This one is a no-brainer: If your home has “popcorn” ceilings, try to remove it (get a pro) and replace it with a smooth or more modern texture. This will immediately increase home value and make it look less dated. However, before you get the scraper out, make sure that your present ceiling texture is not made with asbestos. Up until the late 70s, many textured ceiling preparations used asbestos flakes. So if your home is older, higher a licensed professional with experience in asbestos removal and disposal. Feel free to call us for recommendations.
  • Get a chimney sweep. Nothing says ‘deferred maintenance’ more than a dirty chimney.
  • Remove dated wallpaper.  Stained, peeling, or faded wallpaper in kitchens, baths and bedrooms will give the home a tired look. Instead of replacing it with new wallpaper, simply finish and paint the area with a neutral color in an appropriate tint (please see #3 above).
  • Replace older light fixtures. Tell everyone you know that brassy gold is OUT. Ceiling and vanity lights that you replace with high-efficiency fixtures can elevate your home with very little expense and bring your home into the compact fluorescent era. Upgrading exterior lights with automatic lighting options adds a safety factor to your home’s exterior while reducing energy costs.
  • All things flooring: If your carpet is dirty, pay to get it steamcleaned. If you have hardwood hiding underneath aforementioned stained, faded or worn carpeting, remove the carpeting and expose the heck out of the wood. They even make linoleum sheets that look like ‘wood’, if you’re on a tight budget.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to dress up your home (without breaking the bank) AND still get top dollar in the sale of your home. We know what it takes. Use our experience to get you to the next level. When in doubt, give us a call/text or send us an email. We’ll help you determine the highest-and-best options for your home and can also offer your some great recommendations for tried-and-tested vendors.

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